Starters course in wine tasting

Taste life better

Meritxell Falgueras

Meritxell Falgueras

Wines and the City

The course includes:

  • 1h 45' of video
  • 10 lessons
  • Wine theory materials
  • Practical tasting
  • Course certificate

Level: Low difficulty


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Taste life better


The course, structured and guided by the hand of sommelier Meritxell Falgueras, brings together all the information, which even if you either know a lot or very little about wines, can bring you closer to the world of wines and a develop a greater understanding of wine culture. From the origin and history of wines to its elaboration process and serving, it is an initiation into the world of wine tasting, all explained in detail and precision.

Meritxell will help us to detect and understand the different aromas and tastes of the wine. In the end it is a course that helps you to have an overview as well as detailed vision of wine to be able to enjoy it in your day-to-day life with those around you.

Who is it for?

For professionals or simply wine lovers who would like to acquire the basic knowledge and ideas to evolve with criteria in this complex world of wines. 

In this course you will learn

The first steps of this course introduce us to the long history of wine so as to give us a better understanding of this drink that has been considered sacred for many cultures, which then serves as a basis for the rest of the course.

This will be followed by a clear definition of the basic concepts associated with wine tasting and everything involved in it, so that you can explore further into the world of tasting and the techniques that experts use to define qualities of a wine.

The course will visit the world of wine in its entirety, explaining the whole production and elaboration process as well as the details during the production process that affect the resulting quality of the wine. We will start to understand the life cycle of the vines, the harvest, the types of grape and their composition and areas in the world where vines are cultivated. The course also comprises an introduction to oenology, the science, technique and art of producing wine and the different types of wine. How is white wine produced? This course gives you the answer.

Then we will go into tasting of white wines, rosés, and red wines where Meritxell Falgueras will guide us step by step so that all our senses (sight, olfaction, taste, hearing and touch) can enjoy and detect the differences between the wines.

Finally, she will not forget to explain us the details about serving wine: how to serve it, the temperature for each wine, the glasses, and the types of bottles. She will show us all the attributes to take into account during the tasting, offering good advice about wine pairing, curiosities about the world of wine, as well as its good and bad sides…


Material for the course (suggested for wine tasting) 

Types of glasses for wine tasting:

  • For all types of wines: specific glasses for tasting
  • By type of wine: Burgundy for white. Chianti for rosés. Burgundy for reds.

Types of wine for wine tasting:

  • White wines: (1) Aromatic such as Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc.  (2) Chardonnay fermented in the barrel.
  • Rosé wines: (1) Rosé of the year. (2) Aged rosés.
  • Red wines: (1) Young red wine, 1 or 2 years old (2) Red wine with reserve or gran reserve


Music used in the course: Son - D'CALLAOS

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History of wine
Wine tasting and the senses
Sight and olfaction
Taste, touch and sound
Flaws in the wine
From the root to the vine
Classic red and white wines of the world
Wine tasting
White wine tasting
(Practical example) White wine tasting 2.0
Rosé wine tasting
(Practical example) Rosé wine tasting
Red wine tasting
(Practical example) Red wine tasting
(Practical example) Red wine tasting 2.0
The art of serving wine
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Theory of wine tasting

(Practical example) White wine tasting


  • 39.00 €

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