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Carles Gaig

Restaurant Gaig

Combining tradition with the avant garde in Catalan Cooking

Carles Gaig, is the 4th generation of chefs from the family restaurant founded as the Taberna de’n Gaig which has a history of nearly 150 years, an authentic icon of the district of Horta in Barcelona. The premises was renovated in 1989 with the impulse of Carles and his fascination for bringing together tradition and innovation, and it was converted into Restaurant Gaig. Later, in 2004, the restaurant was moved to the heart of the Catalan capital, and due to his entrepreneurial spirit and interest for high quality cuisine, Carles’s restaurant is distinguished today with a Michelin star since 1993.

His passion for cooking techniques and his keen vision for gastronomy has meant that he has created a series of successful gastronomy projects. One of which is the restaurant Porta Gaig in the Barcelona Airport, and he is also the head chef of La Cúpula restaurant in Fuerteventura.

Carles’s cooking philosophy is precise and perfectionist. Everyday Carles visits the Boquería market in Barcelona to choose and personally compare the quality of the products that he uses to cook for his guests. His great wish is to give the world the best of his knowledge: Knowledge based on traditional Catalan cuisine inherited from his family, evoking them in delicious dishes that bring together avant garde and tradition, elaborated with the delicacy of a master. 

Carles helps us to enjoy dishes that can often seem old fashioned but can be a real delight to taste.


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What is it that you are never without in your fridge?

Eggs and lemon

Your favourite ingredient

A good “embutido” (cold meats of different varieties)

How do you continue learning everyday? 

Watching young people

Who is, for you, a master from whom to learn?

The market when I see a product that inspires me

Who would you most like to have lunch with?

With Marie-Antoine Caremê and Kilian Jornet

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