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Creative Signatures is a selection of online courses created and delivered by creative exemplars renowned for their knowledge in each subject. The courses are for professionals or amateurs who would like to increase their knowledge through practical experience and from the hand of renowned talented experts.
Explore the courses offered by Creative Signatures and register in the web to be able to purchase the courses that interest you. Once purchased, you can access with your login and password with no limits, to all the contents that are included in the course, as well as the forum, which is directed by a professional in the course theme.
If you need an invoice for the purchased course, you can contact us via email to ask for one, help@creativesignatures.com together with your personal data and tax details and we will send you the invoice by email.
Described in the conditions of use and purchase. Once the purchase has been confirmed it cannot be returned. As this is a digital product, we cannot guarantee that the person has not visualized the course before trying to return it.
Once you have purchased the course, it belongs to you, so you can access it, to all its contents. All you have to do is introduce your credentials and username in the login panel of Creative Signatures.
The videos cannot be downloaded to your computer or mobile device. However you can see them by connecting to the internet as many times as you wish by entering the course with your personal details.
Once you have purchased the course you may download all the materials that are available for that course from Creative Signatures. You can also print them so that you can read them better. You can always access and download any recipes or document from the course. To do that you just need to logon and you can enjoy the content freely.
The prices that are specified on the webpage are prices for sale to the general public and are tax inclusive. In the case that you would like to deduce the IVA (VAT), as a professional client, you can ask us for an invoice detailing VAT.
Check that all the data of the credit card is correct, name, card number, expiry date…. If you still have problems, contact us at help@creativesignatures.com
The forums are the common meeting place between a tutor (professional) and the users of the course once they have purchased it. Each course has a forum only for the people who have bought that specific course. The forums have different sections and ambits of debate in which you can ask questions and/or answer those of others. The aim of the forum is to be a learning space, and a place to share experiences and get the best possible results. The forum is lead by an expert in the course theme, known by the course author, so they understand many of the questions that can arise. The forum has norms of etiquette that are detailed in the legal advice to guarantee the best dynamic in the forum.
We value the time and effort that you dedicate to our courses, and because of that Creative Signatures places great importance on the learning you have gathered after having completed the course. Your efforts are shown with a certificate document with your name and that of the course, recognizing your purchase and follow-up delivered by Creative Signatures when you have finished your courses.