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Cocktail experience

A universe of colour, creativity, technique and profession

A universe of colour, creativity, technique and profession.

The cocktail is a drink with centuries of history and evolution, even though it is worth underlining that in the last few decades, in parallel with the evolution in gastronomy, it has been experiencing the most creative moments in its history. Javier de las Muelas has lived this change closely and has become one of the great international exemplars showing us the infinite possibilities and surprises that a cocktail can offer us. A cocktail is a world in itself.


Who is this for?

For professionals or simply cocktail lovers who want to learn the basic techniques for the elaboration of cocktails as well as the potential combinations to achieve unique and surprising results.  


In this course you will learn

The course provides us, from the hands of the expert Javier de la Muelas, all that is necessary to understand the world of the cocktail. We will learn how to handle cocktail making using all of Javier’s techniques and secrets, creating cocktails with an exclusive and inimitable quality.

We will start by introducing the world of cocktails by looking at their origin and history. Javier de las Muelas will guide you throughout the course offering his philosophy, vision and experience with cocktails, to accompany us in learning the basic concepts necessary to develop the material further.

Javier shows us the proper use of utensils key to the correct preparation of cocktails as well as the basic techniques for serving them. He will explain us in detail the composition and preparation of 11 different cocktails from the most classic such as the Dry martini to alcohol-free cocktails.

The course is complemented by the latest trends in cocktails, so that we can develop our creative side in the preparation of cocktails, which is the order of the day.


 Javier de las Muelas - Best World Bar Creative Signatures Dry Martini

 Dry Martini by Javier de las Muelas nº14 World's Best Bar 2013


Material for the course

Instruments or materials that will be used during the course

  • Cocktail shaker
  • Liquidiser/electric mixer
  • Mixing glass with strainer
  • Ice
  • Measures (recommended)


Music used in the course: Instrumental Trip - FLATLING

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Introduction to the course

Dry Martini: a special place

Origin and history of cocktail making

Chaplin cocktail bar (The Rink 1916)

Key elements of cocktail making

1. Mise en place

2. Utensils

3. Ice

4. Glasses

5. In the glass factory


The family of cocktails

11 Cocktails

1. Dry Martini

2. Spicy Mai Tai

3. Planter's Punch

4. Wasabi Martini

5. Jim-Let Fox-Trot

6. Celebrity

7. Sitar

8. Guacamole Smoothie

9. Bloom of Jakarta

10. Silver Fizz

11. Whisky Cooler

New trends

Tips and secrets

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